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The Menopause is not a problem that needs fixing, its is a natural, beautiful stage in ours lives that needs understanding. With the right self care methods, patience and medication , if appropriate, you can create your own support system. I created MenoBalance Classes to deliver a training method that was uplifting, not depleting, this joyful blend of Movement includes Qi Gong, Resistance training and meditation all to a playlist of great tracks.

pure pilates

Pilates Flow

Pilates Flow. This beautiful movement method that creates toned limbs and a strong core still sits at the heart of all the classes I teach . Simply put it’s accessible to all levels and helps to strengthen every body it touches .

Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare

Im always on the lookout out for fabulous skin care that delivers great results, supports the planet and gives back to the growers and communities. I found Tropic Skincare during lockdown and I've never looked back. At any time, but particularly during menopause and as we age its so important to use products that don’t interfere with the delicate internal balance of your hormones.

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reiki healing and massage


I love being able to combine the healing benefits of Reiki energy healing with my massage treatments in the studio. This deeply relaxing therapy soothes the soul and helps rebalance the mind and restore energy . While the massage relaxes the body and helps with menopausal aches and pains.

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