My name’s Deb and I’m here to support your Menopausal Journey. My background in fitness began over 20 years ago and has changed direction as much as I have in that time. As a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher in my 30s I created a solid business that delivered, but as I approached 50 and beyond, I found the need to go inwards and really asks myself what ‘can I do better, for myself and my clients?’ Over the past 3 years Ive worked on my own daily practices, the little things that support me in menopause and nourish my soul, the things that make my heart sing and make my skin glow, the things that take away the aches and pains and make me feel joyful. Welcome to my website, I can’t wait to meet you.


Wellness is a term for your overall health and can be measured by factors such as your physical fitness, you’re mental health and ability to cope with stress. As well as your diet, alcohol consumption and other factors like smoking/vaping . As with all things balance is the key, but during menopause we can notice the things that worked in the past are no longer effective. By taking a deep dive into your eating habits and lifestyle we can create a new regime that works!

Pilates Flow

pure pilates

This beautiful movement method that creates toned limbs and a strong core still sits at the heart of all the classes I teach. Simply put it’s accessible to all levels and helps to strengthen every body it touches.

Tropic Skincare

Im always on the lookout out for fabulous skin care that delivers great results, supports the planet and gives back to the growers and communities. I found Tropic Skincare during lockdown and I've never looked back. At any time, but particularly during menopause and as we age its so important to use products that don’t interfere with the delicate internal balance of your hormones.


I love being able to combine the healing benefits of Reiki energy healing with my massage treatments in the studio. This deeply relaxing therapy soothes the soul and helps rebalance the mind and restore energy . While the massage relaxes the body and helps with menopausal aches and pains.